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Welcome to Colombia, travel with us


We are a Colombian based travel agency that offer tours for those who want to enjoy what Colombia has to offer in culture and beauty.

We work with local communities to provide our travelers with the best cultural and nature experiences.  Our tours are made up for small groups, making it easier to interact with the locals and feel as part of the community and culture.

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Colombia is located in the north of South America and it is crossed by 3 branches  of ” La cordillera de los Andes”, forming the western, central and eastern mountains, providing different ecosystems and views. Colombia borders with Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela and Panama, as well as the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the countries with the biggest biodiversity in the world, and the number one country in birds diversity.
The capital city of Colombia is Bogota, and the country’s population is 41 million. 
Colombia is the birthplace of different indigenous tribes, like the Caribes, Motilones, Pijaos, Muiscas and the Tayronas. Tribes have left a big legacy in archeology that today form part of the cultural wealth of Colombia.
At the end of the XV century, the Europeans ventured into Colombia, and in 1525 was founded the first city in Colombia, named Santa Marta. Since that time, Colombia have been through almost 300 years of conquest and colonization, until its independence by a movement commanded by Simon Bolivar, that ends with the Boyaca battle in 1819.
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At the middle of the XIX century, the liberal-conservative bipartisanship was formed in Colombia, which later gave origin to the civil war that affected Colombia during the past 50 years, ending with a reconciliation through the peace agreement signed in 2016.
From few years until now, Colombia has become a desired tourist destination. When Colombia is mentioned words like El Dorado, coffee and emeralds come to mind.
Come to Colombia, travel to experience a jorney full of history, nature, kind people and vallenato. Come to Colombia, travel and discover it!